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Parachute Games

  • Jumping on the Colours -- Ideal for the under 5's. Get the adults to make waves with the parachute on the ground with the children standing on the top. Then one adult says, "Jumping on the colours, what colour will it be? Can you jump on RED for me". Help the younger ones find and stand on red coloured section of the parachute then repeat above line and change the colour.

  • Sleeping Bunnies -- Ideal for the under 5's. Get the adults hold the parachute still on the ground with the children on the top and get the children to lye down on the parachute. All adults sing:
    "See the Bunnies sleeping 'til its almost noon,
    Shall we try and wake them with a merry tune,
    Oh how still, are they ill?
    No, wake up Bunnies."

    At this point the children jump up and the adults make waves on the floor and start singing, whilst the children jump around pretending to be rabbits:
    "Jump little Bunnies, jump, jump, jump,
    Jump little Bunnies, jump, jump, jump,
    Jump little Bunnies, jump, jump, jump,
    Jump little Bunnies, jump, jump, jump".

    Then swap to another animal, sleeping Tiger becomes a roaring Tiger, sleeping Elephant becomes a stomping Elephant, sleeping Frog becomes a hopping Frog.... the list is endless.

  • See-Saw Pull -- From a sitting position, have the children pull the chute back and forth in a see- sawing motion.

  • Make Waves -- While gripping the parachute, everyone moves their arms up and down to make small and large waves.

  • Ball Roll -- Have the children try to roll balls into the hole in the centre of the parachute.

  • Chute Lift -- Ask the children to lift the parachute high over their heads and down again. Talk about the soft sounds and breezes that are created. Move the parachute faster and notice the different effects.

  • Mushroom -- From a standing position, lift the parachute from the ground to waist height, counting one (lift) and two (lift). On three (lift), have everyone raise the parachute high over their heads and then crouch down, pulling the parachute tightly behind them. A mushroom effect is created as the parachute settles.

  • Parachute Tag -- Lift the parachute high overhead. Call one child's name and have her run (skip, hop, twirl or crawl) to the other side before the parachute comes down and tags her.

  • One Hand Run -- Have each child hold the parachute with one hand, extending the opposite arm out for balance. Run around in one direction, then change and run around in the other direction. A variation would be to use music as the cue for changing direction (i.e. direction can be changed every time the music stops).

  • Parachute Run -- Have the children take turns running on the parachute as it lies on the ground, while the other children make waves. See how long the children can manoeuvre on the waves before falling down. The length of turns can be determined by songs that the children choose to sing (i.e. everyone's turn lasts the length of one song).

  • Popcorn -- Put balls in the center of the parachute and have the kids make waves with it, creating a 'popcorn' effect.

  • Team competition games -- Place one ball in the center of the parachute and let two teams work to try to make the ball fly off the opposite side.

    Assign colors balls to each team and have them try to send their colour down the hole in the center.

  • Rollerball -- Everyone holds the chute taut. Place a large ball near the edge. Try to make the ball roll around the edge of the chute. To do this someone starts the ball rolling. As it comes towards you, you lower the edge you are holding, and as it goes past you raise your edge. When all the players do this in synchronization it creates a wave going round the edge, pushing the ball round in front of it in a smooth, steady circle. It can not be done without concentration and co-operation! However, it is very rewarding for the group to eventually achieve a smooth, continuous motion. Once you've done this try speeding up - or change direction.

  • Jaws -- Everyone sits on the floor in a circle holding the parachute stretched out with his or her legs underneath it. The chute is the sea and they are sitting on the beach, happily dipping their toes in the water. By shaking the edge of the chute realistic ripple or wave effects can be generated. Once the waves are going well someone is selected to be a shark and disappears under the chute. They move around underneath and because of the waves it will be difficult to see where they are. The shark chooses a victim and grabs him or her by the feet. The victim can give an appropriate scream before disappearing under the chute. This person now becomes a new shark. To prolong the game you can have the original shark revert to being a bather - or to make it more lively you can have several sharks in there at once. To finish the game you can choose 'once a shark, always a shark' - so everyone eventually becomes a shark. You can introduce freak weather conditions - or even a killer whale!

  • Running by Numbers
    If the chute is a large one...the kids love to run underneath and switch places with others - could number them 1 through 5 around the circle- and then call out a number. (Lots of screams for this one.)


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